Expect more from your data.

Dataware Consulting LLC provides technical services for organizations looking to get more from their data.  We have implemented large scale data warehouses at major corporations and modest data marts at startups.  The solutions vary, but the problem is always the same.  You want more from your data.  It's locked away in systems that make it difficult to access.  It's not organized.  It's keeping secrets about your business. 
Dataware Consulting LLC understands how to put your data to work.  We have technical expertise in the latest tools and techniques to turn data into information for your business. Data Conversion, SQL Programming, Reporting, ETL, and OLAP across a variety of platforms. Architectural background in dimensional datawarehousing.  A proven track record of delivery to the business vision.  At Dataware Consulting LLC we know you expect more from your data.  So do we.  Contact us today.

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